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Privacy Policy

Hello, lovely site visitors.

Here’s some technical GDPR info if you have a spare five minutes and are in the very unlikely position of having nothing better to do than read this page.

What personal data do I collect?

I don’t collect any personal data apart from the details you enter into the form on my Contact page. You’ll usually give me your name and email address and some info about your writing requirements.

I use that data to reply to you. That’s it. I don’t share it or sell it.

If you don’t want me to have your name and email address, you can ask me to delete both by sending an email to hello@abcopywriting.co.uk.

What’s the deal with website cookies?

I use cookies. For a much needed sugar rush when deadlines necessitate late night hours at the laptop. And (less tastily) to collect useful data about how visitors use my website.

I get to see which pages people are landing on and how long they tend to spend hanging out on the website.

If you’d rather I didn’t do this, you can disable cookies via your web browser settings. Here’s how for the most popular browsers:

How is your data processed?

My website’s hosted through WordPress, which is GDPR-compliant. And I don’t process any of your data myself.

Want a spot on my mailing list?

If you’ve signed up to my mailing list, you can rest assured that that’s all GDPR compliant too. I do everything through MailChimp, which ticks all GDPR boxes.

I promise:

  • Not to put you on my mailing list unless you’ve asked me to
  • Not to share/sell your data
  • To BCC all emails so your address is hidden from other recipients
  • To make easy for you to unsubscribe via a little button at the bottom of every email
  • If you unsubscribe, to delete all of your details from my mailing list and stop sending you marketing communications

Anything I’ve not covered?

If there’s anything you need to know that isn’t covered here, just send me an email at hello@abcopywriting.co.uk