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old fashioned weighing scales: the pros and cons of hiring a freelance content writer

Hiring a freelance content writer: the pros and cons

Blog posts. Website content. Social. Emails. Keeping on top of your content schedule is no mean feat. A freelance content writer can help you to ace your content goals. But is hiring one the right move for your business?

Here we’re going to take a look at what exactly a freelance content writer does – along with the pros and cons of outsourcing your content workload.

What does a freelance content writer do?

A freelance content writer writes for companies. They can write:

You name it. If it involves stringing words together to engage customers and achieve business objectives then it’s probably something a freelance content writer can do.

You can find freelance writers who specialise in B2B or B2C content – and those who specialise in writing about a particular industry.

And what about the freelance bit?

A freelance content writer doesn’t work for you as an employee. Instead, they write for you as and when you need them to – usually on a per hour, per day or per project basis.

This means you have no responsibility towards your freelancer, besides paying their invoices on time and being a generally good egg.

Now we know what a freelance content writer is, what do you need to consider before you decide to hire one?

Cons of hiring a freelance content writer

Let’s start with the downsides of hiring a freelance content writer.

It costs money

Freelance content writers have to eat too! So you’ll need to pay your freelancer for their work.

And because freelancers work for themselves and don’t get any company perks – like holiday pay or sick pay – these costs are built into their rates.  

As a result, you may end up paying a freelance writer more per day or per hour than you would a permanent member of staff.

Want a ballpark figure? ProCopywriters run a yearly survey, asking freelance writers what they charge. You can take a look at the most recent freelance writing rate averages here.

They’re not available 24/7

OK – so even an employee wouldn’t be available 24/7. But a permanent member of the team is at your disposal for their contracted hours.

A freelance writer, on the other hand, will work for you – and a bunch of other clients too. This means that you can’t get them to drop everything at a minute’s notice to work on a new piece of content.

You need to plan ahead and book their time in advance if you’re to meet the deadlines in your content schedule.

It may take some time to find the right freelancer for the job

As with any kind of hiring, you need to delve into the details to be sure you’re getting someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

When you’re looking for a freelance content writer this means looking at their past work, reading testimonials, finding out about rates and establishing exactly what they can and can’t do for you.

Pros of hiring a freelance content writer

Onto the pros; all of the reasons why hiring a freelance writer could bring a ton of benefit for your business.

It’s cost-effective

You may pay a freelance writer more than you’d pay a permanent member of staff for the hours they work.

But you don’t have to pay them a full time or even part time salary. You just pay for the content you need, when you need it.


Following on from the point above.

Taking on a new employee is a big commitment. With a freelance writer, you can dial up or down your content writing costs depending on what kind of a quarter your business is having.

You can also test the waters with a freelancer before deciding to add another employee to your team.


Freelancers know that they’re only as good as their last piece of content. And that building a relationship with a new client takes a lot of time and effort.

So they’re keen to impress with top quality work in the hope of convincing a client to hire them again and again.

A fresh perspective

When you’re living and breathing your business, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

A freelance content writer comes at things with a fresh and objective perspective. They can provide insight into what customers will really LOVE about your product or services.

And they can then weave their wordy magic so you can describe your brand and connect with your customers like never before.

Conquering your to-do list

Same old content writing tasks languishing on your to-do list?

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m as guilty as the next business owner when it comes to neglecting my company blog and social platforms. When you’re dealing with your company’s day to day, it’s tough to keep on top of every detail.

But regular content is so valuable to a business. That’s why hiring a freelance writer to get through your content writing to-do list is an excellent idea.  

Enlisting a specialised skillset

As a small business owner you sometimes have no choice but to wear all the hats.

Finance. Marketing. Sales. HR. Chances are you’re probably bossing it in at least a few of these departments. Needs must.

But wherever you possibly can, enlisting specialised support can relieve some of that pressure. And ensure a better end result.

A freelance content writer has the skills to write polished, professional content.

Which means they get it done right, first time. And you’re free to focus on the other plates you currently have spinning.

Ready to hire a freelance content writer?

If you want to turn your business into a content-publishing powerhouse – or even just upload a blog reliably every couple of weeks – a freelance content writer can help you achieve your content writing goals.

Am I the right freelance writer for your business? You decide!

Start by checking out my work here. Then, if you like what you read, get in touch so we can chat about the kind of content you’re looking for.

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