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blog post ideas for your photography business

35 blog post ideas for your photography business

Trying (and failing) to come up with blog post ideas for your photography business?

If you’ve been staring at a blank computer screen for hours on end – or Google Keyword Planner is making your head spin – or you’ve got lost in a Reddit rabbit hole in search of blog title inspiration – then this is the post for you.

I know that writing a business blog post is pretty much no-one’s idea of a good time. So I hope that these 35 photography blog content ideas will make the process quicker and easier, leaving you more time to do what you do best.

Here goes.

35 blog post ideas for your photography business

Reasons why working with a pro photographer is an excellent idea

This type of post is great for customers who are sitting slap bang in the consideration stage of your buyer funnel.

They know that a pro photographer can help them to get amazing photographs, but they’re wondering (misguidedly!) whether they could get away with a DIY job.

So tell them all about why working with a photographer is a great idea and subtly persuade them to go ahead and fill in your contact form.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • The pros and cons of working with a professional photographer (something like this)
  • 8 questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them
  • Working with a pro photographer: the do’s and don’ts
  • How much does a family photo shoot cost?
  • Professional product photography is a business essential: here’s why

Location recommendations

If you regularly head out on location, you probably know some pretty exceptional places to snap a pic or two. So why not share that location knowledge with your audience?

Tell brides and grooms-to-be about your favourite wedding venues. Fill families in on the most picturesque lavender fields and pumpkin patches in your local area.

And don’t miss up the opportunity to showcase the beautiful images that you’ve taken in each place.  

Want some SEO brownie points?

Write a blog post on each individual location – and then write a summary (pillar) blog post that puts your photo shoot locations into categories.

Google loves that shiz.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • My favourite outdoor wedding venues in [location]
  • 5 beautiful locations for an autumnal family photo shoot
  • The best places in [location] for an urban photo shoot
  • Venue inspo: a look at [venue] wedding venue
  • How to pick the perfect photoshoot location

Photography tips

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer.

But they still want family photos for their wall, product photos for their online store and headshots for their company website.

You can be a really good egg and offer photography tips that will help amateurs improve their photos.

In doing so, you get to showcase your pro photography and start to build a relationship with a bunch of prospective customers.

In future, if they do have the means to hire a photographer, yours will be a name that they already know and trust.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • 20 photography tips for beginners
  • What is golden hour – and how can I use it to take great photos?
  • How to avoid red eye when using your camera’s flash function
  • The three components of every great photo: subject, composition and lighting
  • How to take professional-looking photos with your smartphone camera

Answers to FAQs

Always answering the same customer questions?

Then why not save some time – and attract more organic traffic to your website – by writing blog posts that provide answers to your FAQs.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • What’s the best age for a newborn photo shoot?
  • How do you pick props for a portrait shoot?
  • What are the must-have wedding shots?
  • How do you prep food for an F&B shoot?
  • How should my team prepare for a corporate headshot photo shoot?

Insight into your photo shoots

For website visitors who are considering using you as their pro photographer, there will be plenty of content on your website describing your services and your photography style.

But your blog provides an opportunity to go into a little more detail – and target other keywords related to your business.

So write content that helps to explain your process and highlights your USPs.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • What you can expect when you choose me as your wedding photographer  
  • Behind-the-scenes on a corporate photo shoot
  • All about my photo editing style
  • How I shoot with confetti, flares and sparklers
  • Album showcase: a crazy-colourful festival wedding

Bigger picture blog posts

Whilst the vast majority of your photography business blog titles should (of course) focus primarily on photography, you can also create titles based upon your wider niche.

Start by thinking about what your photography helps your customers to do.

For example, families are looking for a way to personalise their homes – and preserve memories. Brides and grooms are trying to plan the wedding of their dreams. Entrepreneurs are looking to grow their business.

Then provide blog content that helps them solve these problems in a wider sense.

Just remember to include at least some reference to photography and your services, even if it’s just as a call to action at the end.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • 8 of the best wedding florists in [location]
  • The importance of personal branding – and how you can use it to bag your next job
  • Nursery décor inspiration: 10 ways to make your baby’s room unique
  • The ultimate wedding checklist: everything you need to plan your big day
  • 5 easy ways to improve your business website – and make more sales!

Post-shoot tips and inspiration

Want to offer an all-round service to your customers. Then share your expertise on what to do with images once you’ve handed them over.

Some customers will want your advice on displaying photos or using them on their own business website.

Photography blog content ideas:

  • 10 creative ways to display photographs at home
  • How to create your own DIY wedding album
  • A guide to photograph print sizes
  • Tips for uploading headshots to your company website
  • Photo gift ideas for Mother’s Day

And lastly… a few things that your photography business blog posts should always include

Whatever blog post ideas for your photography business you use, try to make the most out of a post.  

A lot of your time and effort goes into creating it. So you want it to tick all the boxes in terms of SEO benefit, reader engagement and conversions.

To make the most of your photography business blog, every blog post should:

Contain a focus keyword

Include this keyword in:

  • The blog title
  • The first paragraph
  • Some subtitles
  • The rest of the text
  • Your meta description
  • Image alt text

Just remember that you should never crowbar your keyword into your content. Reader experience is always your top priority.

Provide value for a reader

Who wants to read a sales pitch? Not me! So try to write posts that inform, inspire or entertain your readers – whilst subtly pointing them in the direction of your services.

Include a call to action

Always end a photography business blog post with a call to action. And make it relevant to the content you’ve included in your blog post.

You may want to point readers in the direction of other blog posts, your portfolio or your contact information.  

I hope these blog post ideas for your photography business help you put pen to paper and write something your readers love!

But if regularly creating engaging blog content still feels like one plate too many, why not let me take care of your business blog for you? Just get in touch to find out more.

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